Manual Wheelchair Excel G-Lightweight + Max. 120 kg, Seat: 50cm

The Excel G-Lightweight + is a versatile and lightweight wheelchair with adjustable features for optimal comfort. Its aluminum frame and quick-release wheels make it easy to use and transport. The wheelchair includes essential features like anti-tip wheels, adjustable footrests, and a foldable backrest. Delivery anywhere in Prague.


User Weight: Max. 120 kg

Seat width: 50cm


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Excel G-Lightweight +, a modern and adaptable wheelchair designed for comfort. With adjustable shoulder supports and a customizable backrest angle (85° to 105°), it offers a tailored fit. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, it's easy to handle with a folding frame and quick-release axles.

Packed with essential features, including anti-tip wheels, adjustable footrests, and foldable/removable armrests, the Excel G-Lightweight + stands out for its configurability. 

Safety is a priority with standard anti-tip wheels, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of tipping. The folding backrest with adjustable straps provides personalized support, and the flame-resistant upholstery enhances safety.

With concealed screws, vertical stitching, padded armrests, and high-quality wheels with reflectors, the wheelchair combines style and safety. Taller individuals will appreciate the height-adjustable push handles (92 cm to 102 cm).

Angularly adjustable footplates ensure an ideal foot position for enhanced comfort. With delivery available anywhere in Prague, the Excel G-Lightweight + is a convenient and adaptable choice for those seeking a high-quality wheelchair.


Excel G-Lehké (+) nastavení hloubky sedadla

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